GTL Fuel


Recognized by Shell Commercial Fuels as Malaysia’s First GTL Fuel Sale, Grolite Group is the place that you can turn to if you’re looking for authorised distributor of Shell GTL Fuel. As the name suggests, Shell GTL Fuel (“Gas-To-Liquids”) is a liquid fuel transformed from natural gas, which makes it a cleaner fuel than the conventional crude oil-based fuel.

Admittedly, air pollution is a pressing issue at hand and one of the major culprits for the contamination is none other than the exhaust given out by vehicles, especially ones that are generated by crude oil-based fuel.

Shell GTL Fuel is a proud product of Shell’s synthetic technology, committing to improving local air quality. Together with Shell, we truly believe that this new product can be the key to a more sustainable environment, with its capability of reducing local emissions and engine noise significantly.