Transportation Provider

Grolite Shipping Sdn. Bhd. charters its vessels to oil major players for oil transportation on clean petroleum products including CPO . We are also the local transportation provider for corporate companies, to name one, Sarawak Energy. Besides Diesoline, we are also experienced to deliver the highly sentitive Jet Fuel to Sarawak areas for Helicopter involved in the Heli-Logging operations. Grolite has an established presence for its ‘Integrity, Accuracy and Transparency’ in dealings with clients. 
In 1999, Grolite was accredited with International Safety Management Code (ISM) Document of Compliance. 

Presently, Grolite operates 16 vessels are put under Liquid Bulk Chartering Market to meet clean petroleum products logistics demand, including Contract of Affreightment (COA)/Consecutive Voyage Charter (CVC) carriage contracts deployment of some oil majors. All of our vessels are SIRE approved by oil majors.